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Milwaukee's Juneteenth Day celebration will be back to celebrate its 50th year in June

While most of the city's usual June festivals will be sitting out this summer, one of the city's most historic street festivals will be back -- and just in time to mark a big anniversary. Milwaukee's Juneteenth Day festival and parade will return on Saturday, June 19, to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

The day begins with a parade at 8 a.m. starting at 14th and Atkinson and traveling to Burleigh and Dr. Martin Luther King Drive. It'll be broadcast on TMJ4.

Juneteenth Day, which commemorates the end of slavery, is celebrated in cities across the United States, but Milwaukee's celebration is believed to be one of the largest and oldest in the country.

A vendor mans the grill at 2019's Juneteenth celebration | Photo credit: Radio Milwaukee

Because of Covid-19, the festivities will look a bit different this year. Organizers are encouraging spectators to watch the parade from home, and those who attend must wear a mask. Free masks will be provided to those who need them.

There will be fewer vendors than usual to allow for social distancing, and the festivities will end at 4 p.m.