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BUILD teaches high school students<br>through vintage motorcycles

"Milwaukee is part of the Rust Belt. The Rust Belt is consistant of basically the manufacturing populous... and what we have failed to as educators of our youth is to teach them skills. What

lost is skilled labor."

Owner of the Iron Horse Hotel and father of three, Tim Dixon was frustrated. And as a carpenter by trade, watching high schools cut classes and teaching few skilled trades, "I felt it was the perfect timing and I was in the perfect situation to start 'BUILD.'"

Now on their sixth year, BUILD works as an after-school program for area high schools to teach valuable life and interpersonal skills while restoring vintage motorcycles.

And for St. Francis High School senior Sam Gumas, its a chance for him to hone in on his auto-repair skills while also spending time quality with his classmates and friends.

"....we get donated a motorcycle and

 have 100 days. We take it apart, modify it however we want to or need to, paint it, put it back together... and then at the end of 100 days we take it up to Elkhart Lake and race it."

And with over a third of their 100 days down, the six high-school teams are already off to a great start. And preparing for the "Big Reveal" on May 26 and the race in June, Tim is not only excited to see the student's final product, but also excited to watch them learn valuable lessons and skills.

"The kids love it. They learn welding, painting, mechanics, budgeting, marketing... its very cool. It's just a great program."

To learn more about BUILD, see photos and get involved you can find them at

Listen to my full interview with BUILD by clicking the podcast player above.