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Bringing opera to the masses -- at Angelo's bar!

Opera singers descended on Angelo's Bar last week -- and put on an impressive pop-up performance!  Keep scrolling to listen in.

What's really cool about it is there's so much talent in Milwaukee. You get to mess around, play and try new things. - Scott Pullen, Opera on Tap Milwaukee performer

Scott Pullen is an opera singer with Milwaukee's Florentine Opera Company. But today, he’s isn't performing under the stage lights.

In fact, if you walk just a few steps off busy Brady St. and step into a local bar, you’ll find him singing.

This is "Opera on Tap" at Angelo’s Bar on the Lower East Side.

"It's just as much for the singers and performers as it is for the audience," Pullen said. "What's more relaxed feel that can you have -- and more forgiving audience -- than people who are chugging a beer?"

And Scott doesn’t sing alone — he is joined by about a dozen other local performers.

"It's opera for the masses," said performer Julianne Frey. "We're bringing it to people rather than having them come to us."

And it seems to be working.  Looking around the room, the audience is really into it.

"I love it when two things that don't go well together, go perfectly together like this," said Sophie Stone, a 15-year-old opera student in attendance with her parents.  "It's kind of hilarious, and I think it's just great."

Pullen and Frey say they hope to do at least one performance like this every month. And it’s all about removing that stuffy stigma that sometimes goes along with the fine arts.

" is funny, it's romantic, it has every aspect.  And that's what we're trying to teach people," Pullen said.

Opera on Tap stops at bars around Milwaukee the first Friday of every month.  For the complete schedule, and to keep up with other performances they're planning, visit their Facebook page.

Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee