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Urban Spelunking: Even more "little" Milwaukee landmarks

Last week we brought you a few of OnMilwaukee's Bobby Tanzilo's "little" landmarks around Milwaukee, and this week, we're back at it.  Keep scrolling for even more!
For this week's Urban Spelunking, Bobby and I continue our chat about his list of 20 Milwaukee "little" landmarks, the premise of a two-part column he wrote in 2013.

These are places, buildings or even objects that don't stand out as architectural triumphs or tourist destinations, but are special and eye-catching on their own.

From school houses, to storefronts, to door hinges, Bobby's list cuts through several Milwaukee neighborhoods and is full of cool photography.

Click the player above to hear more about a few of them, and read part one and two of Bobby's columns at

Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee