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Milwaukee tarot card reader brings the practice out of the shadows

When you think of a fortune teller what do see? Perhaps a woman in a purple turban with a crystal ball? Or a palm reader with heavy eyeliner?  But, outside of carnivals and movies, these stereotypes don’t really exist.
Check out my interview with Theresa, a tarot card reader, below.

Take it from Theresa Reed, a tarot card reader right here in Milwaukee.  Her practice is a little more outside of traditional expectations in other ways.  First of all, she won’t tell you your destiny is written in stone.  She believes life is a series of choices and tarot cards simply offer you insight on the various routes you have in front of you.

She compares it to driving down the road and having another driver flash their lights at you.

“It shows you where you’re going, what speed bumps you may encounter, what red lights you need to pay attention to, and from there you either continue going on exactly the way you are if it looks good, or if you see warning signs, it may be time to make a different choice with your life.”

But, Theresa isn’t just a card reader.  She’s also an educator, teaching yoga that interweaves astrology and tarot, along with a heavy dose of hip hop.  She believes that tarot is for everyone, not something “oogie-boogie” that should be hidden away in a broom closet.  And as tarot becomes more mainstream she’d like to show people how it can be used as a tool for guidance.