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Listen: Holocaust survivor shares firsthand story

Eric Blaustein was 17 when he was arrested and transferred to Buchenwald Concentration Camp in Central Germany.

The year was 1944, one year before the official end of WWII.




He was separated from his family, alone, and facing certain death.

He made a valuable connection, however, inside the camp that allowed his life to be spared, and instead of execution, he would be subjected to hard labor for more than five months.  He worked in the mines -- in unthinkable conditions -- and watched thousands of Jewish prisoners die around him.

But his will to live was unwavering.  And liberation was coming soon.

Click the player below to hear his personal story.

Blaustein, now 90, shared his story at Alverno College in April as part of its annual Holocaust Day of Rememberance.

Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee