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Stepping Stone Farms: How a unique form of therapy is helping individuals open up

"I usually get two responses when I tell people I help facilitate equine therapy," laughs trainer Tori Coackley, "half of the people picture a horse on a couch, and the other half picture a physical therapy on a horse."

When its comes to different forms of therapy, horse therapy might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but for the folks at Stepping Stone Farms in Franksville, about 20 minutes south of Milwaukee, they say its definitely a unique experience,

"Horses are prey animals in the wild, so they're highly in-tuned with their surroundings and reactive. So if someone comes in with a lot of aggression or needs to work on impulse control, the horse might start acting up.. where if someone's coming in that may have experienced a trauma they'll be more subdued and will mirror what they're going through."

But what does 'horse therapy' look like in action? And who is horse therapy for?

Listen to the full piece on Stepping Stone Farms and their unique horse therapy programs below:

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