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Have you ever witnessed Riverwest's Underwear Bike Ride?

It may seem pretty unusual to witness people riding down the streets of Milwaukee in only their underwear, but about 3 times each summer, hundreds of people gather in Riverwest to do just that. Whereas at one point it was just a fun, social ride, event founder Steve Roche explains that it has become  a “positive self body image ride.”

Read below for an interview with Underwear Bike Ride founder Steve Roche:

Roche has also gone to great lengths to make sure that this bike ride is inclusive and helping to foster a better community in many areas. If you come to this event you are supported in practicing a positive self-body image, a chance to see Milwaukee from a whole new set of eyes, and you are also encouraged to donate clothes to Pathfinders; a local nonprofit for homeless and runaway children.

Bettering our community all while riding down the street in only your underwear with hundreds of your closest friends? Sounds like a pretty sweet deal. Listen to the whole story below.