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There's an election today! Here's your voter guide for the Fall 2018 Primary

If you are looking for our Midterm Elections Voter Guide, please click here.

With fall elections underway, Wisconsin will vote in a partisan primary on Tuesday, August 14. Here are some things to know about the ballot:

Eight Democrats are vying for the Wisconsin Governor seat, while two Democrats and two Republicans are squaring off for the House seat all in preparation for general election day on November 6.

Locally, Milwaukee is seeing a lot of heat in the County Sheriff race.

This election will also include the Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State and State Treasurer races. (Get more on the candidates below.)

As a reminder, crossover voting is not allowed in partisan primary elections in Wisconsin. Voters must choose one party to favor in all the races on their ballot and stick with it.

With elections comes money. You can search for the breakdown of each candidate's funding at the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign website.

If you haven’t registered to vote, not sure where to vote or what you need to vote, you can find all the information you need at our registration guide or at My Vote Wisconsin’s website.

Below is our guide for the election, providing descriptions for each office, a list of candidates by party and links to each of their websites, as well as additional  information to help you make a decision at the polls.

Governor's race

A U.S. Governor refers to the chief executive of each state and is the political and ceremonial head of the state. The governor may also assume additional roles, such as the commander-in-chief of the National Guard when the role is not federalized. The governor may also have the ability to commute or pardon a criminal sentence. A governor serves a four-year term.

Challenging Gov. Scott Walker for his seat are eight Democrats: state Schools Superintendent Tony Evers, former state Democratic Party Chairman Matt Flynn, liberal activist Mike McCabe, Professional Firefighters of Wisconsin president Mahlon Mitchell, Kenosha lawyer Josh Pade, former state Rep.Kelda Roys, Madison Mayor Paul Soglin and state Sen. Kathleen Vinehout.


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Lieutenant Governor

The Lieutenant Governor is the second highest elected official in the state, next to governor, and has a great deal of influence on state policy and the establishment of spending priorities.  This position presides over debate in that chamber and oversees the movement of legislation.  The Lt. Governor cannot vote or sponsor legislation, but he or she may work with advocates in the Senate to introduce legislation. A Lt. Governor serves a four-year term.

If the Governor is incapacitated or dies, the Lt.Governor exercises the powers of the Governor, serving the remainder of the Governor's unexpired term.

Current Republican Rebecca Kleefisch remains unchallenged for lieutenant governor in the primary. By contrast, the Democratic primary includes former state Rep. Mandela Barnes of Milwaukee versus Sheboygan native and businessman Kurt Kober. The winning candidate will be paired with the Democratic nominee for governor.


Democrats Mandela Barnes and Kurt Kober squaring off in the lieutenant governor primary

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U.S. Senate

Senators represent their state by writing and voting on new laws, or bills, that may become U.S. law if passed by the Senate, House of Representatives, and signed by the President. Helping people in their state with a federal government issue is also part of the senator's job. For example, if you are having a problem getting your passport to take a vacation abroad, the senator's office can aid you in getting it on time for your trip. A senator serve a six-year term.
Five Republicans are on Tuesday's ballot including  Charles Barman, Griffin Jones and George Lucia. However, Delafield businessman and former U.S. Marine  Kevin Nicholson and state  Sen. Leah Vukmir of Brookfield are the two heavyweights in the contest. The winner will take on Democratic U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin in November.


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U.S. House of Representatives races

Congressmen or congresswomen represent their state citizens and introduce bills and resolutions, offer amendments and serve on committees. The House of Representatives works to pass bills with the Senate and get them signed by the President. A congressman or congresswoman serves a two-year term.

District 4 - Milwaukee

Former state Sen. Gary George is challenging incumbent Democrat Gwen Moore in a race to see who will represent Milwaukee in the House. The Republican primary is between businesswomen Cindy Werner and Milwaukee resident Tim Rogers.


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Secretary of State

Most secretaries of state are tasked with keeping state records, form registering businesses to recording the official acts of the governor. The officeholder also often serves as the chief election official who administers state elections and maintains official election results. The commissioning and regulation of notaries public, keeping of the official state seal and certification of official documents all typically fall under the purview of the secretary of state. A secretary of state serves a  four-year term.
Democrat and Madison Ald. Arvina Martin is challenging the nearly 40-year incumbent Doug La Follette. La Follette was secretary of state from 1975-1979 before being re-elected in 1983.

The Republican race will include businessman Jay Schroeder and U.S. Air Force veteran Spencer Zimmerman.


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State Treasurer

The treasureris the official charged with overseeing revenue and finances and generally acting as the state's chief banker. He or she is responsible for sitting on the Board of Commissioners of Public Lands, providing services to promote the unclaimed property program, and making certified copies of deeds, bonds and documents filed in the treasurer's office.
There are three Democrats and two Republicans in the race to become treasurer after incumbent Matt Adamczyk chose to run for representative of the 14th Assembly District.

The Democratic candidates are businesswoman Sarah Godlewski, former communications director for the office of state treasurer Cynthia Kaump and former Treasurer Dawn Marie Sass.

The Republican candidates are businessman Travis Hartwig and Jill Millies.


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Milwaukee County Sheriff

The Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office is the principal law enforcement agency that serves Milwaukee County. It provides law enforcement services for the county's road system, freeways in the county, the Milwaukee County Courthouse, the Milwaukee County Jail, the county-owned General Mitchell International Airport and the Milwaukee County Parks system, including much of the Milwaukee lakefront.
Three Democrats are running to replace former Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr., who resigned in August 2017.

Acting Sheriff Richard Schmidt, a 32-year veteran of the agency, is serving out the remainder of Clarke's term through the end of this year and is competing for a four-year term against two candidates with law enforcement experience.

Earnell Lucas, a 25-year veteran of the Milwaukee Police Department, is a Major League Baseball security and investigations official.  Robert Ostrowski has been a deputy sheriff for 16 years.


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For everything that will be on your ballot, search your address on My Vote Wisconsin’s website.

Information gathered from The Journal Sentinel and Ballotopedia