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The Latinx artists known as L.U.N.A.

Laura Dyan Kezman

In 2017 Katie Avila Loughmiller, who at the time was new to Milwaukee, was working on a project with her friend Gabriela Riveros. They wanted to hire a Milwaukee artist. Upon looking at the pool of options, Katie noticed a hole which prompted her to ask Gabi, 'Where are all the Latinx artists?'

Shortly thereafter, L.U.N.A. was created.

L.U.N.A., an acronym for Latinas Unidas en las Artes, is a diverse collective of Latinx artists spearheaded by Loughmiller and Riveros.

Its intention is not only to create a supportive and collaborative space for their fellow Latinx artists, but to create visibility.

Learn more about L.U.N.A. by following @lunamkeofficial and watching the video above.