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This is what Milwaukee's quarantine sounds like

I’ve been in quarantine for roughly five months and I've nearly mastered dealing with all the stages of isolation. In the beginning, I stocked up on essentials, made banana bread, and went through this craze faze of being productive or at least attempting to. Then I took a break for self-care which consisted of watching reruns of my favorite TV shows and listening to Lorde on repeat. It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions and like most people, I’ve found my moments of peace by walking around Milwaukee.

At first, I would take a stroll, listen to my favorite tunes, or put on a new podcast, but something changed and I started to pay attention. My focus became on the wind, birds, cars and people around me. Then I started recording these sounds, and my coworker Justin Barney did the same. This is a compiled sound package of Milwaukee during a pandemic. Take a deep breath and listen. 

If you enjoyed this Community Story, which I think paints a picture without words, use it as a reminder that, sometimes, listening is all that we can do. It may seem that we are stuck in an eerie loop, but nature is constantly evolving and there’s life beyond what meets the eye.

Audio Storyteller / 88Nine On-Air Talent | Radio Milwaukee