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Tarik Moody speaks with Dr. Howard Fuller about the 'math problem' public schools face

Last year, as the nation was experiencing a racial reckoning, Radio Milwaukee released a podcast -- By Every Measure -- focused on the undeniable data of systemic racism. The Milwaukee Press Club recently awarded the podcast with a gold medal for Best Podcast of 2020.

In the six-part podcast series, hosts Tarik Moody and local research journalist Reggie Jackson examined issues such as criminal justice and policing, housing, the racial wealth gap, education and healthcare. Then, in every episode, Tarik spoke with local experts who are leading solutions in each of these areas.

But the topic of systemic racism is vast, far bigger than we could cover in just six episodes. We still had a lot of questions, and we were hearing them from our listeners, too. So we kept the conversation moving forward with a follow-up series to the podcast -- By Every Measure: Ask the Experts.

For five weeks, we took an even deeper dive into each of the sectors we explore in By Every Measure with national experts in each field.

The frank conversation below is a follow-up to episode of the podcast focused on education. Tarik talks with Dr. Howard Fuller, Founder and Director of the Institute for the Transformation of Learning at Marquette University, about how schools are funded, the "math problem" behind the lack of Black and Brown teachers, and his personal drive to continue advocating for both equal and equitable solutions in education.

Watch the live stream and listen to the original podcast episode below.

Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee