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Listen to 414 Live with Marquette Battle of the Bands winner, Ako

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88Nine Radio Milwaukee
Get ready for a punk-inspired pop rock experience courtesy of this Marquette trio

414 Live with Ako


Formed in Milwaukee in early 2016, Ako was created as a way for members to pass time. Today, it’s grown into a Marquette outfit you can’t miss. From singer Gabrielle Powell’s onstage antics and witty banter to Joe Joe Scott’s fiery guitar licks to Mark Soriano’s drums keeping it all together, this three piece is not to be overlooked.

We first heard this punk-inspired pop rock trio perform at Marquette’s 2016 Battle of the Bands competition. They went on to win the competition and earn a slot on 414 Live. We’re excited to host Ako ahead of their performance at Pridefest this weekend.

Preview Ako’s album And You here.