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Don't Sleep On: Idle Warship

Who is Idle Warship? Most of you out there know of Talib Kweli, but how many you know of Res. She is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, and musician. Her 2001 release called "How I Do" is probably one of the best R&B album in the last 10 years that you never heard of. "How I Do" was also co-written and produced by an unknown (at the time) Santogold.Fast forward to the present. Res is catching some new buzz. She has new material on her MySpace page and apparently new tunes with Pharrell Williams of the Neptunes, and a new collaboration with Talib Kweli called Idle Warship. If you check out Idle Warship's myspace, you hear a very diverse sound. Check out a little bio...

Idle Warship started as an idea to make a dance song for fun. It has since morphed into a full blown labor of love, with it's own identity. We no longer control it. Idle Warship is a vehicle of expression, it is a state of mind that creates art that is needed. It is not needed for the world, it is needed for the artist. It is selfish. It is egotistical. It is confused. It is human. Pop stars, movie stars, celebuglies, this is what we worship. They are beyond royalty, we try to assign a divine quality to them. We prop them up and make sacrifices to them. There are always new deities screaming for our attention, and we dispose of our gods in grand fashion. We tear them to shreds and fight over the scraps like rats on a sinking ship. The Lauryn Hills, Britney Spears and Anna Nicoles of the world were once little girls with dreams. They seem crazy, but I say they are sane reactions to a crazy world. An Idle Warship sits at the port, waiting for a war that will never be fought. This is who we've become, so empty that we do not participate in activity we are designed for. We are Idle Warships at bay, afraid of the fight on the open seas. This music is the soundtrack for our lives. It is voyeuristic, and it takes you on a journey thru flesh and blood, but the divine is on the other side. We had to come to your world to get you and bring you back to ours.

Idle Warship - "Pull It Out"Idle Warship - "Industry Diary"Idle Warship - "Screamin feat MC Chris"Check out these classic videos from Res

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