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"Make Milwaukee": Denise Crumble

Baskets -- trade them to your creative friends and loved ones for art.

Listen: For the entire Make Milwaukee campaign, we’ve featured folks on the production side of the artworld — artists of different stripes, arts organizations, etc. Fortunately for us, we were able to track down one of Milwaukee’s most enthusiastic art boosters and get the perspective from the other end of the equation. Not only does Denise Crumble volunteer for arts organizations around Milwaukee, she also goes to great lengths to get behind what she cares about. Check it out:


As promised in the first piece, here’s that little piece of audio about Denise, Della, and recycled art:


What do you do to support the arts in Milwaukee? Follow Denise’s lead — show the city you care by getting out there today and doing your part.

Produced by: Adam Carr