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"Meet The Need": Day 49 | Voces De La Frontera, Valeria Gonzalez

Listen: On the second to last day of Meet The Need, Day 49 of 50, we get to know Voces De La Frontera, an organization that educates workers about their employment rights and organizes to protect and improve the quality of life for low-wage and immigrant workers. Listen as student/activist/volunteer/board member Valeria Gonzalez recounts some personal stories of her experiences with Voces De La Frontera:

-Valeria shares how she came to Voces as well as a bit of background on the organization: -An undocumented immigrant with the goal of graduating high school and going to college was discouraged by his parents, but was given hope by Voces De La Frontera: To learn more about Voces De La Frontera, visit their website , and if you'd like to help Voces De La Frontera meet their needs this holiday season, learn how you can get involved . P roduced by: Adam Carr