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"Make Milwaukee": Week 3 | Stop 3 of 9: Jackpot Gallery and The Eagle's Nest

(Photo by Faythe Levine)


Listen : Stop 3 of 9 on Faythe and Cortney's Magical Milwaukee Mystery Tour -- across from Fuel Cafe on Center Street, Jackpot Gallery and the Eagle's Nest. With art shows on top and music shows in the basement, this cooperatively run space has a mission of inclusion and openness, making itself open to the community and welcoming a wide variety of young and emerging artists. Listen as Faythe speaks with Sean Heiser and Kelsey Kaufmann about what goes on at the Jackpot Gallery and Eagle's Nest, and why it's important to Milwaukee's creative community:

I first saw the gallery when I was having dinner at Cafe Centro, so I wandered over and stumbled into a gallery opeing. It was an awesome exhibit about commuting, and I had a chance to speak with several of the artists about their work. That visit, and every one I've made since, has introduced me to really interesting art that I definitely wouldn't have seen anywhere else.

(Photo by Faythe Levine)

Interested in taking in some cutting edge art and an equally cutting edge show in the same welcoming space? Get down to the Jackp ot Gallery and the Eagle's Nest! A perfect introduction might be Jackpot's collaboration with Goons and Brooks Golden, a February 12th opening of the DIPSTK World Tour, an art exhibit based on a fictional metal band.

Produced By: Adam Carr

Interview By: Faythe Levine (Photo by Cortney Heimerl)