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"Make Milwaukee": Week 7 | Jason Yi

Listen: Over the course of this campaign, I've thought a lot about how to present Milwaukee's relationship to the outside world. Artists tend to move around from city to city and country to country, so naturally, so this topic came up in a number of the interviews. How does a community effect an artist? What is the importance of travel? Does it matter where an artist is based?

Mike Brenner brought me to somebody who is an expert on this topic. Jason Yi, a professor at MIAD and interdisciplinary visual artist, has traveled and worked around the world, allowing his work to reach a wide range of communities. In this piece, Jason discusses how he approaches having a home base and experiencing the world as an artist:

(By the way, we're incredibly lucky to have Jason call Milwaukee his home base.)

-Some excellent extra audio! Jason has showed all over the world -- in this piece, he talks about his approach to traveling: -So what kind of work does Jason do in other countries? Here's an example from a sojourn in Japan: -In this final piece, Jason expresses his wishes for Milwaukee's art community:

To learn more about Jason's work, check out his personal website or his profile at MIAD. Spend some time digging around -- there's some really cool stuff in there.

P r o duced by: Adam Carr