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"The Neighborhood Project": Lindsay Heights | Kimberly Njoroge of Fondy Food Center

Listen: Every year, after the April thaw, I always wonder if it's actually going to happen. Maybe this is the year leaves don't come back, flowers never bloom, the and most frighteningly, vegetables never ripen. But every Spring, like clockwork, nature delivers. Just look outside right now -- all the color and the soft breeze and the flip flops. It's gorgeous out there. But I digress. My thoughts drifted to the changing season, because this story is about Lindsay Heights resident Kimberly Njoroge's experiences with  the Fondy Food Center, a neighborhood powerhouse and one of this city's great symbols of growth and sustainability. At one time, the market had become a distant childhood memory for Kimberly, but after she's returned to the neighborhood, it's a gift she's passing on to her own children and the community in which she's invested: In the photographs above and below (and as you probably heard, a bit in the audio piece), Kimberly is joined by her wonderful and unbelievably patient children Kablaru (9 months) and Nyambura (3 years). Oh! A quick and cute story: Since the market won't be fully open until June when the growing season catches up with our appetites, there weren't any venders in the stalls (see below). When Kimberly arrived at the market and Nyambura said "Where's all the food?" I tried to get her to do it again on mic, but she had a little stage fright.

Want to learn more about Lindsay Heights? You can start at with Zilber Neighborhood Initiative the Walnut Way Conservation Corp , or even our Neighborhood Project series with Johnsons Park . And of course, you can always get out to the neighborhood yourself and explore .

Produced by: Adam Carr