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"Safe Streets, Healthy Kids": The Street Beat Team

Listen: In last year’s Meet the Need Campaign, I heard about the collaborative Street Beat Program from both  the Walker’s Point Youth and Family Center and  Pathfinders. Both mentions piqued my interest, but since they were both studio interviews, I didn’t quite get that first-hand feeling. When I stopped by the Pathfinders Drop In Center and met the Street Beat crew, their work came to life.

The Street Beat mission is fairly simple — they do street outreach to homeless and runaway youth, which means they drive around in a van looking to serve anybody and everybody they can reach. Sound like a difficult task? It certainly is. In this first piece, the Street Beat crew talks about their approach:

In this second piece, we hear the story of a connection being forged with a youth through Street Beat: see podcast below.

Want to learn more? You can find more information on Street Beat in  this article from Milwaukee Renaissance .

Produced by: Adam Carr