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"Safe Streets, Healthy Kids": Ukranian Salsa

Listen: A major perk of my job – I get to explore the city and find things I had no idea existed. Things that are beyond the bounds of my simple imagination, like  a basement full of loomstwo top notch  boxing gyms, or  a stunning story of a neighborhood coming together. Recently, I found a full sized roller skating rink in the basement of the Richardson Neighborhod House (not to mention their other awesome facilities) and I was totally charmed.

On the particular day I visited, the kids weren’t using the rink to roller skate, rather, they were learning to ballroom dance. I arrived at the first class of the session a few minutes late, and by the time I got there, the kids were eating up every dance step. And once you hear their instructor, you might know why: see podcast below.

Note – the music used as background may not actually be salsa. Unfortunately, I’m not an expert in ballroom dance, and it’s possible I actually used a Calypso.

To learn more about the Neighborhood House of Milwaukee,  you can follow this link. Also, to learn more about ballroom dance for youth in Milwaukee,  check out this article on Mad Hot Ballroom.

Produced b y: Adam Carr