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"Safe Streets, Healthy Kids": Artworks for Milwaukee's Mosaic Apprentices

Listen: After hearing about a group of apprentice poets, today we get the other half of this summer at Artworks for Milwaukee! With lead artist Nicole Lesser, a group of teenagers are taking antique windows, some tarnished glass, and learning an entirely new word and world — mosaics. Idea by idea and piece by piece, these high schoolers are making works of art that represent themselves and their hopes for the community. And at the end of the summer, they’ll be letting go of their art, auctioning them off to the public.

Listen as Nicole and two of her apprentices present their Mosaic Windows to Their Community: see podcast below.

A point that both Nicole and both of the students made that really resonated to me — putting together a mosaic, which is composed piece by piece, provides a unique kind of accomplishment. Where oftentimes a job can feel cyclic and never ending, when you take a project one piece at a time, you can feel the progress.

To learn more about Artworks,  check out their website. You can also  follow the mosaic apprentices all summer on their blog, or  by following their Flickr account. Finally, you can see these talented young artists in action at their unveiling event,  The Upside of Art: A Community Event!, which will be held at Artworks (706 S. 5th Street) on August 21st from 1-4pm.

Produced by: Adam Carr