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Listen And Download Eric & Magill's 'All Those I Know' - A project from Decibully's Ryan Weber

Yesterday, I received an email about this new Milwaukee group formed by Ryan Weber of Decibully and Eric Osterman.  The name of the group is Eric & Magill.  The name of the record is "All Those I Know".  The origins of this project started when Ryan was in Armenia volunteering as a an instructor of audio design. He started to bounce ideas with friend and former Camden guitarist Eric Osterman.

“All Those I Know” features collaborations with artists responsible for creating such bands as, Shearwater, The Dirty Projectors, Volcano Choir, Collections of Colonies of Bees, Pele, Owen, Joan of Arc, Cap’n’Jazz, American Football, Via Tania, Healdlights, Sufjan Stevens’ band, Maritime, The Promise Ring, Vermont, Dashboard Confessional, The Snake The Cross The Crown, Braid, Hey Mercedes, The Gloria Record, Mineral, Zookeeper, Parts and Labor, Volcano I’m Still Excited, Americans UK, Decibully, The Championship, Juniper Tar, The Celebrated Working man, Parts andLabor, Fever Marlene, Revision Text, Control, Faux Fir, Group of the Altos, and the Idaho Yodeler.In addition to these musicians, Osterman and Weber created an Internet Choir comprised of over forty friends singing into their computers from around the world.

This is a very impressive album. You can listen and download the album for free.  

Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee