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Spooky Samples

Every Tuesday and Thursday morning here on 88NINE, we explore the world of sampling. Regardless of genre, era, or style, if the song uses a sample; we break the track down and connect the musical dots.

This week on 7 o'Clock Sample, with Halloween around the corner, we are looking at some spooky samples.

If you want a spooky sample, you can't get much creepier that GOBLIN.

We have explored the music of GOBLIN in the past.  They were and Italian progressive rock band who's careers were saved by the Italian cult horror films of the late 1970s.

Check out this creepy main theme for the movie Buio Omega ( aka The Final Darkness )



This creepy film is about a taxidermist who keep his dead fiancee embalmed near his bed.  Yikes!

So I found it fitting that the song "SLEEP PARALYSIST" by Neon Indian sampled this track.


Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee