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Must Have Sample For Every Halloween Party Playlist

There are many songs that make it to everyone's Halloween Play lists; Monster Mash, Hell's Bell's, Don't Fear The Reaper, and of course, Thriller.  But this track by RJD2 has been on my Halloween play list every year since it dropped in 2002.



What a perfect Halloween song.  Fun, funky, spooky, and a terrific video to boot.  That song was released on Def Jux in 2002 on RJD2's debut solo album DEADRINGER.

RJ comes from a long lineage of sample based producers.  He's a DJ's DJ.  The man has an extensive knowledge of American soul, breaks, and odd sounds.  He often looks to unusual sources to find his samples.  This track is a great example.  

Check this out...



Great sample huh?  That was Gershon Kingsley from his album MUSIC TO MOOG BY.  Gershon was one of the founding fathers of avant-garde pop.  He collaborated on a number of projects with the great Jean-Jacques Perrey. The two split and Kingsley went on to record this album. He later toured with all all Moog ensemble and continued to create a number of great experimental albums.

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