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"Make Milwaukee": The Dramatic Conclusion!

Have you been following along the kidnapping situation at 88Nine? On Monday, this piece started playing on the air and a few videos made their way to youtube. On Tuesday, the plot thickened, as the capturers ran into a few snags and RadioMilwaukee set out on Twitter to nail down the culprits. The dramatic conclusion of my whereabouts has been posted! Check out this video:

So, as you can tell, I'm no longer being held captive. Originally, Steve Glynn and Romke De Haan were bring me to the Spreenkler Meetup at Gravity Marketing tonight. Unfortunately, because of the absurdly snowy conditions of Milwaukee right now, they've been forced to postpone.

That being said, their temporary mercy only goes so far -- I've agreed to be re-bound, re-gagged, and put back into Steve's trunk when we the event gets rescheduled (don't worry -- it will be in the near future). In the meantime, I have a lot of digging out to do (all the snow and the fact I've been held captive away from my desk for the past week) and keep checking back for when the conclusion will take place!