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Last Hours of a Music Legend

The specific details of Hank Williams’ death are still being debated over 50 years since the country music legend died at only 29 years old. A new Milwaukee play, Nobody Lonesome for Me, re-imagines the last few hours of his life.

It places Hank in a gas station where he talks with the owner - but Hank is the only person visible. Playwright Lanie Robertson has made a unique show that’s meant to be a look inside Hank’s thoughts. (At the time he had been recently divorced and was dealing with alcohol problems.)

Matthew Brumlow, a Georgia native, will perform many of Hank’s greatest hits with an accompanying ghost guitarist, Peter Silbert a Rep resident compan member.

In this audio piece, Brumlow describes the show and gives us a taste of what audiences can expect.

The show can be seen at the intimate Stackner Cabaret theater until March 13th.

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