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A Band Of Samples

This week's theme on Seven o'clock Sample; WHEN ROCK MEETS RAP.  Not your Run DMC and Aerosmith collaboration, but cutting edge artists creating new work for the groups they listen to and admire.

One of my favorite things about new music, is the genre crossover that has come in the past decade.  Lines continue to blur and you hear the influence of so many different styles within a variety of genres.

I've been spending some time listening to Band Of Horses this past week, and I recalled a sample I found a few years back.  In 2006, Band Of Horses released their debut on Sub Pop, called EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME.  The breakout single, called "The Funeral" was released on a limited edition 7" which featured a 5 minute long cut of the single.

The video for this song is particularly interesting and complements the song well.



This song has been sampled by a few Hip Hop acts, most notably by Kid Cudi on his mixtape and Kid Named Cudi.



And by west coast underground legends Grouch and Eli on their song "Coming Up"


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