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Service Learning on a Global Scale | Safe Streets, Healthy Kids Week 4

Millions of youth around the world recently celebrated Global Youth Service Day - a world-wide campaign for service learning projects led by kids. Its a way to celebrate service learning in general and to get kids excited about helping out their own communities.

Service learning is a method of experiential learning where kids learn by doing hands on activities that benefit their community and encourage them to stay involved in civic issues throughout their lives.

Milwaukee youth showed off their projects at an event at the Manpower building (which I have temporarily re-named Youthpower.) Mayor Barrett led off the event with words of praise and urged them to stay involved with their neighborhoods. Kids get involved through their schools, churches or other non-profits like Boys and Girls clubs.

Check out the three stories below: An inspiring story of one student from Vincent High School who was inspired by a fairly new symbiotic food production method; a project from Montessori High School dealing with water issues; and a group of students from Alliance High School that bring groceries and good company to low-income seniors.