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A Documentary To Be Made About The Rise And Fall of Tower Records

Can you imagine that there will be a generation that will never go to record store or even have a record store in their town? Even more odd, that there will be a generation that will never experience a Tower Records.  To most, Tower Records symbolizes the begining of the fall of the music industry and the rise of digital music. 

However, to a lot of people over the age of 30, it represented their first exerience of true music discovery.  Beyond that iconic red and yellow sign was artists and music yet to be discovered, and the stories to go with those discoveries.  From Toyko to Los Angeles To New York to the city near you, Tower Records was a rare music store chain that made music a priority over just selling what was popular. I have been to Tower Records in New York, Minneapolis, Atlanta, and London, and each visit was like being a kid in candy store.  Then one day in 2006, Tower Records shut its doors forever.

However, one film maker by the name of by the name of Colin Hanks wants to film and document the story of Tower Records.  He wants to show on film that the store was more than just a brick and mortar business, but an iconic institution. The name of the forthcoming documentary is called "All Things Must Pass: The Rise and Fall of Tower Records"  not only tells the story of Tower Records, but it's founder Russ Solomon, and it cultural impact around the world.

Currently, the director is raising money on Kickstarter to complete his film and is halfway to reaching his goal. You can find more about the documentary here and watch the video introduction to the film below.  Did go to Tower Records and do you have some stories to share? Leave them in the comments section below. You can also follow the progress of the film on it's Facebook page. (via Hypebot)