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Samples that (Bongo) Rock

This past weekend, I was driving around the area, visiting family & friends while listening to 88NINE.  (Yes I listen to 88NINE when I'm not at work. WE ROCK!  Why would I not?) On Sunday, Kallao played "APACHE" by the Incredible Bongo Band.  He mentioned the song had been sampled by hundreds of artists, and that he should ask me to expand on the history of this track.

Well Mr. Kallao was correct, APACHE is one of the most sampled tracks of all time.  It was adopted by Kool Herc in the late 70s, and became one of the foundations of early Hip Hop.  From there it was used by electronic, dance and drum and bass DJs.  Today, the sounds of APACHE break are almost ubiquitous in popular music.

 I thought I'd dig a bit deeper into the Incredible Bongo Band's tracks for samples.  So today I bring you.... "Bongolia".



What a super funky break!  This one may be off the radar for some, but it was in Fat Boy Slim's record collection.  He sampled this break on his ode to our fair city, "The Sound Of Milwaukee".


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