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Milwaukee's Adoptahighway Releases New EP, Partners With Lorn For Omega Clash Tour, Launches New Agency

The Milwaukee's Electronic music scene just got better with a new release from producer/dj Adoptahighway.  Former guest DJ for 88Nine's Saturday Adoptahighway just dropped a new EP entitled "chances, cirumstances, conditions." The EP is available as a pay what you want digital download via BandCamp.  The three-song EP is full of lush, sonic texures and beats perfect for the summer.





Adoptahighway is also working with Rhythm Lab Radio guest DJ/producer Dolor(Chicago) on another EP called "Reshaped Escape", which should be out at the end of the month. It's going to be a limited cassette tape release with a digital download code (as well as pay as you wish on BandCamp). 

Not to rest on his laurels, Adoptahighway with help from some friends launced a new Milwaukee-based music agency called Delphian Inc.

DELPHIAN, INC. is an agential salute to the inspired who just don’t stare into the fire, but desire to pass through it. We help artists develop long-term careers in a manner that is consistent with their creative philosophy and vision. Trusted relationships with our musicians and business associates, a forward-thinking approach to opportunities presented in the musical/digital space, and a global perspective are all deeply valued by the entire team.

So far the artists represented by Delphian include Adoptahighway, Milwaukee's Lorn(Brainfeeder/Ninja Tune), Omega Clash ( Lorn & Adoptahighway), and Chicago's Dolor. Speaking of Omega Clash and Dolor, they will be kicking off a Midwest tour starting with the 8th installment of Melt, a monthly live music series in Milwaukee dedicated to musicians on the electronic fringe. The show will be June 23 at Club Garibaldi.


She's making ruin by Omega Clash



Malcom Brown by Omega Clash


Omega Clash, for anyone new to the outfit, is the collaborative guise of adoptahighway and Lorn (Brainfeeder x Ninja Tune), two longtime respected musicians and friends with noted inspiration from “early electro, ambitious metal arrangements, feel-good pop, great composers, comedy, misery, our lives and the juxtaposition of the aforementioned… mostly.” 2009 saw the digital release of their unyielding EP1 via Bandcamp, which is trending amongst bloggers even today. In between wrapping up some of their individual projects, the duo is currently finalizing tracks for a 7″ vinyl to be distributed by late summer through Wednesday Sound.

Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee