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Hungary? Taste A New Sound Travels

A new week, a new day and four new tunes; it must be Monday on Sound Travels... And I had four new tunes for y'all to check out today, and I started with a tune that sorta surprised me. 

Tinariwen are world music faves here at 88Nine and I'm surprised I didn't catch wind of their collaboration with TV On The Radio for the song that I played today. Not only that, but the Saharan rockers, whose sound is usually quite amplified, will be going acoustic for their fifth release Tassili, and collaborating with Wilco as well. Got to say that I'm impressed.

San Diegans, Tribal Seeds, have been doing things right by reggae lately. Their new Soundwaves EP is pretty solid. Their influences are in the right place, clearly roots reggae, but rather than sounding vintage or re-hashed, they craft original songs that would be good even if they weren't roots reggae-- but I'm glad that they are, I love it.

Tribal Seeds "Soundwaves"

I thought that the Paprika Korps spin on Sound Travels today marks the very first time I've played anything from Hungary, ever! As it turns out, they're actually from Poland, and tour so extensively that I should be more surprised that I've not seen them yet considering they're knickname is "The Heavy Reggae Travellers." Their music is an interesting, if sort of typical European approach to reggae, that is by way of punk rock and ska. Nevertheless their sound really is heavy, in the best way, incorporating some dub vibes and reggae into a sound that feels bright and energetic as well as heavy...

Paprika Korps "Czarno-Bialy" Metalchem

Kid Boyare a nujazz, Latin fusion group from Grenada, Spain making heavy, electronic Latin music with a touch of hip hop on their latest EP Disparate. I was intrigued when I saw that the EP had Ohmega Watts on it, but it was their other compositions that convinced me to play this one today. Cuban singer Julio Cesar Rodriguez graces the cut with excellent style and the beats are very nice frame for his sound. Overall, the EP has a very nice balance between the organic and electronic elements as Kid Boy bounces vintage Latin Samples over heavy basslines and broken beats. Recommended.

Kid Boy "Changui de Manteca" 

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