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Casa de Sound Travels Mixtape

What a weekend for Sound Travels; Saturday's live set at Brady Street Festival was amazing, I think I turned some people on to some world music... Sunday was just as much fun, had a dance mix of global house music that had my headphones thumpin.' The afterset at The Nomad was pretty crucial as well with DJ's JDL, Kid Millions, Avets and myself bringing the funk and flavor from all over the world. Here's Sunday's house mixtape...

Sound Travels Sunday - Casa De Sound Travels

Casa De Sound Travels by radiomilwaukee


Dubkasm "From The Foundation (Pinch Remix)" Transform I - Remixed

Giampiero Ponte "Sphynx feat. Moran" Agent Du Monde: The Marrakesh Man

Daft Punk "Around The World" Musique vol. 1

Said Mrad "Aala Hiabi (part 1)" Laila Orient From Turkey

Lars and The Hands Of Light "Me Me Me (Laid Back Remix)" Me Me Me Remixes

Electrova "Cybersamba" Muevete Bien: Sabor Latino Vol. 1

Nickodemus "The Love Feeling feat. The Pimps Of Joytime (Christian Prommer Remix)"

Gui Boratto "Anunciation"

The Latin Project "Largesse" Musica De La Noche

Translucent "Sing Sing The Lion" Electro Swing: The Beginning

Der Dritte Raum "Swing Bop" Electro Swingers II

Yolanda Be Cool vs. DCUP "We No Speak Americano"

Miike Snow "Silvia (Hook'N'Sling & Goodwill Remix)"

Nickodemus "N'Dini (Tal M Klein Remix)" Sun People Remixed

Balkan Beat Box "Habibi Min Zaman (Mr. Tunes Remix)" Nu Made Remixes

Amadou & Mariam "Je Ne Pense a Toi, Mon Amour Ma Cherie (DJ Alix Remix)" Remixes

Pantha Du Prince "A Nomads Retreat" Black Noise

Megablast "Listen To Rasta" Dub Club.. Picked From The Floor

Deadbeat "Sun People (Dub Divisionaire)" Roots And Wire

Various "Music Sounds Better With You" Club Hits Of The Millenium

Bhangra Knights vs. Husan "Husan" Laila Orient From Turkey

Kalthumiat "Alfi Leila Wileila" Laila Orient From Turkey

Systema Solar "Oye" Systema Solar

CFCF "Letters Home" Continent

Production Manager | Radio Milwaukee