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Champeta Criolla Mixtape, Sound Travels Sunday

Sunday's mixtape was a lovelly South American adventure. Colombian music on tap, in particular, the sounds of Cartagena and Palenque as I featured creole music from an especially vibrant colision of cultures. Just wanted to get a Latin vibe going for the week that ends in another great Milwaukee festival, Mexican Fiesta. Missed the set? Well here it is and the tracklist is right there too.

Sound Travels Sunday - Champeta Criolla Mixtape

Champeta Criolla Mixtape by radiomilwaukee


Systema Solar "Bienvenudos" Systema Solar

Bomba Estereo "Bomba" Bomba Estereo, Vol. 1

Wganda Kenya "Tifit Hayed" Colombia The Golden Age Of Discos Fuentes

Sugar Ice Tea "Palo Bonito" Quantic Presents Tropical Funk

Afrosound "Pacifico"  Colombia The Golden Age Of Discos Fuentes

Manuel Alvarez Y Sus Dangers "Esclavo Moderno" Palenque! Palenque!

Papi Brandao Y Sus Ejecutivos "Viva Panama" Panama! - Latin, Calypso and Funk On The Isthmus

Son Palenque "Cumbia Africana"  Quantic Presents Tropical Funk

Pedro Beltran "Puyalo Ahi"  Quantic Presents Tropical Funk

Anibal Velasquez y Su Conjunto "Cecilia" Mambo Loco

Orquesta Nunez "La Samaria"  Colombia The Golden Age Of Discos Fuentes

King Charles King "El Hombre Ensillao" Champeta Criolla vol. 2

Messie Boogaloo "El Vacile Del Hueso"  Champeta Criolla vol. 2

Batata y Su Rumba Palenquera "Radio Champeta" Radio Bakongo

Frente Cumbiero "Gaita del Professor Loco" Meets Mad Professor

Papaya Republik "Grajo" Papaya Republik vol. 1

Andrea Echeverri "Amorcito (Sidestpper remix)" 

Bomba Estereo "Ataole (remix)" Bomba Estereo vol. 1

Monareta "Matanza Funk" Picotero

Maria y Jose "Semana Santa" Latino Resiste: Aztlan

Justo Valdez & Grupo Son Palenque "Unye Unye"  Champeta Criolla vol. 2

Production Manager | Radio Milwaukee