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It's Harvest Moon Festival Time! Get Thee To Weber's Greenhouse/Make a Difference Week 1

Andor Mark Horvath (of A2 Design) The Germinator (Franz), and Dan Felix of Transtion Milwaukee want you to get your green bums to Weber's Greenhousethe 2011 Harvest Moon Festival. This uber-green, uber-fun, uber-cool event takes place Saturday and Sunday, September 24th and 25th at Weber's Greenhouses, and will feature various booths, activities, and even a pedal-powered, old-fashioned washing machine. No kidding. Don your biking shorts and bring a basket of clothes.

I visited the greenhouse and spoke with these three green-passionate men about the idea for the festival, the importance of harnessing alternative energy forms, and how we, as a community, can create more sustainable, earth-friendly ways of living.

Oh, and it's also Andor's birthday (age undisclosed), so please bring him a bountiful array of gifts and a vegan chocolate birthday cake.



Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee