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Like Critters? Then Volunteer at the Humane Society of Wisconsin/Make a Difference Week 2

Oh boy! If you love animals, and I sure do, then you need to get thee down to the Wisconsin Humane Society. Volunteer opportunities abound, and then are plenty of cuddly creatures who want your love.

I visited with four critter-care-givers, Patti Volmer, Ben George, Lauren Ridgley, and Shannon Neal (Shan) who regaled me with stories of a narcissistic goldfinch named "Dad" who provides foster-care for orphan birdy-babies, and Crow-Baby, a crow who does the same, and puppies, and kitties, and bunnies, raccoons! But before you get too excited, keep in mind that in order to work your way up the critter-latter, you first must start in........laundry. No matter. It's worth it. Find out more by listening to the podcast, and clicking on the link above. Angela Speed, Director of Development and Community Relations for the Wisconsin Humane Society, has some specific volunteer opportunities listed right here:

Oh, if I only had the time!