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Milwaukee Film Festival Volunteers/Make a Difference Week 2

Milwaukee Film Festival is about to embark on its 3rd year. There are several people involved within this non-profit organization that help bring together the big show. A lot of those people include the Milwaukee Film Festival Volunteers.

Last year the Milwaukee Film Festival drew over 30,000 film goers, 26 sold-out screenings, all the while supporting local filmmakers. The volunteers involved with the festival were behind the scenes as well as in each theater, helping film buffs get to where they need to be.

I sat down with returning Volunteer Coordinator, Sitora Takaneav, and she told me all about the wonderful film volunteers and how Milwaukee wouldn't have a festial without them.  If you want to hear more abut these dedicated volunteers, then click below and have a listen.

The 2011 MKE Film Festival Opening night kicks off this Thursday, September 22nd at Discovery World.

Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee