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MKE Film Festival Pick: Last chance to see, The Interrupters!

Tonight's your last chance to see The Interrupters at Milwaukee's Film Festival. It's playing at the North Shore Cinema at 4:15 p.m. If you missed last weekend's screenings, I'd highly recommend making it to this afternoon showing!

Producer/Director Steve James co-edited the award-winning documentary,  Hoop Dreams and is the face behind The Interrupters. Now I haven't had the chance to see Hoop Dreams yet, but I've heard it's a powerful, moving film.

But when it comes to The Interrupters, what I'm most looking forward to seeing is the inside look of Chicago's “violence interrupters”. Three brave souls take in humility from frightful situations in order to protect their communities from violence. The film features an organization called, Ceasefire, which sees violence as a quickly spreading virus and in turn targets the city's vicious personalities and dangerous situations with the three violence interrupters...who were former gang members.

Intrigued? Me too. If you can't make it to the film, take some time to learn about Ceasefire and its mission to stop the shooting in Chicago, or the film's director, S teve James and his experience making this documentary.

Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee