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Le Pop Nouveaux!

New French pop the theme this week on Sound Travels and just like yesterday, I served sweet batch of tunes. Springing from their New Music Wednesday debut into Sound Travels, I played an older song from the French electro-pop outfit M83. Their song "Midnight City" may in fact be one of the best dance singles of the year but the foundations for their current successes rest on their dark electro pop from earlier albums, like the tune I played today. Moodiness seems to be the undercurrent for French pop, and the sound of Brussells-based  Françoiz Breut is steeped in it. 


M83 "We Own The Sky" Saturdays=Youth

Françoiz Breut "La Certitude" Les P'tites Qui Piaffent

Montreal's  Cœur De Pirate worked well in the set with a catchy retro-pop vibe on "Adieu" from her new album Blonde. Working a sound familiar to vintage French pop fans, Beatrice Martin's new album is all about relationships (not just the bad ones either), and is an excellent follow-up to her dubut album. I closed out the set with a gaggle of other tunes played previously on Sound Travesls from Pauline Croze, Volo and Jean Racine. Expect even more goodies as the week goes on...

Cœur De Pirate "Adieu" Blonde

Jean Racine "Entre Nous" Sublingual

Pauline Croze "T'es Beau" Pauline Croze

Volo "T'es Belle" Jours Heureux

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