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Mural of Peace/Make Milwaukee 2012 Week 3

Did you know Wisconsin’s largest mural sits on Milwaukee’s south side? The vibrant ‘Mural of Peace’ is painted on the Esperanza Unida International Building and just recently, the Milwaukee Arts Board announced that Esperanza Unida is its first recipient of a grant from its fund devoted toward public art conservation throughout the city. So from here, $5,000 will go toward the restoration of sections of the ‘Mural of Peace’. (Located on 611 West National Avenue).

I wanted to know the man behind the mural, which is Artist Reynaldo Hernandez. Hernandez created the 80 x 160’ mural back in 1994. Since then, he’s been able to reflect and realize how important that mural along with other public art throughout Milwaukee, impact the community.

This spring, Hernandez will restore the piece of public art by repainting certain sections from the mural’s 285 panels. It will then be cleaned, resealed and protected with a UV coat. The goal is to preserve public art, especially when buildings are subject to damage with pollution and dirt.

Here’s the talented Reynaldo Hernandez to explain his experience with public art in Milwaukee and the impact it has.

Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee