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Jive Talkin' South African Jazz Jams


Even though today is Fat Tuesday, I thought we'd start a new theme for this week on Sound Travels. I'd play some more carnival sounds but then I'd be in the same position tomorrow and with less time for the details I like to deliver. Details on a soud I love; South African jazz and jive.

Few people know the story of jazz in South Africa and though I am no expert, I am aware of how deep the jazz flows in South Africa, from Hugh Masekela to Dollar Brand the sound is uniquely South African. I also love jive, or mbaqanga and have since I heard Paul Simon's Graceland back in the 80's, and thought I'd start you all out with some.

Jazz had been a fixture in South African music since the ‘50s and jive (or mbaqanga) initially emerged a decade later as a fusion combining elements of rural Zulu music and harmony vocal styles with Western instrumentation. Early stars like “groaner” Simon Mahlathini, are particular faves of mine and what we started with today...

Mahlathini "Jive Makgona" Next Stop... Soweto: Township Sounds 

Dick Khoza "African Jive (Moto)" John Armstrong Presents - South African Funk Experience

J.J. Chauke "Madyisa Mbitsi" John Armstrong Presents - South African Funk Experience

Amaqawe Omculo "Jabulani Baleli (Part. 2)" Jive Soweto

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