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Sound Travels Sunday: Cumbiatronic Mixtape!


Another week bites the dust on the heels of another hot lil Sound Travels Mixtape and live date. Got hot and heavy with some new-school cumbias from all over the world. If you're not familiar with cumbia, look it up (or just listen). 


Sound Travelled at the Nomad World Pub afterward and everybody killed it. Sweet soul and funk from DJ Avets was matched by One-L, who brought some dope hip hop. DJ Bizzon went one step further and worked it out with more hip hop and fresh remixes. I had so much fun, I don't even remember what I played. Thankfully, I kept studious notes on the early set and you bet I got it right here for you to hear...


Sound Travels Sunday - Cumbiatronic Mixtape




Various Artists "Lluvia" Bersa Discos #2 Digi-EP

Dj Chakruna "Yo Quiero Cumbiar" Soundcloud

Empresarios "Pereo Intenso (Omegaman Remix)" Sabor Tropical Remixed - EP2

Copia Doble Systema vs Major Lazer "Colegiala Pon De Floor (Copyflex Mixup)"

Systema Solar "Ya Veras" Cumbia! Bestial

Celso Piña "Cumbia Sobre El Río" Barrio Bravo

El Hijo De la Cumbia "Para Bailar Remix (feat. Alika)" Freestyle de Ritmos

Various Artists "Pajariton" Bersa Discos #2 Digi-EP

Carl Matthes "Venezuela (Ed Turtled Remix)"

Aniceto Molina "El Campanero (remix)" Arriba La Cumbia!

Dany F "Planeta Rica" Soundcloud

Chong X "Angry Aztec" Soundcloud

Empresarios "Cumbia (Nickodemus Remix)" Sabor Tropical Remixed - EP2

Fanfarria CircoVulkano "Naxxo Domingues Remix feat Antonieta"

Empresarios "Negrita Linda (Los Bandidos Cosmicos Remix)" Sabor Tropical Remixed 

El Nosotros "Girl" Bersa Discos #7

Sabo & Cassidy "Esa Loca Cumbia" Bersa Discos #6 

Greenwood Rhythm Coalition "Tabaco Y Ron (Grc Vs Luz Mob)" 

La Cumbia Chicharra "Mala Maria" Radio Grenouille Compilation, Vol. 1

Atropolis "Sambahton Huepa' Je Refix" Atropolis

NIXtamal "Al calor de la cumbia" Cabeza!

Chong X "Super Cumbia Bros" Soundcloud

Sir Valentino Con Combo Esclavos Alegres "Masters Are Gone" Panama! (Vol.3) 

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