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Afrobeat Now!

Sound Travels with afrobeat in mind and on the air here this week. While we pent plenty of time with vintage afrobeat grooves on Tuesday and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday have been all about the new stuff.

New in different ways too, some of it is like Antibalas' sound, steeped in the vintage but brand new. Others fuse latin or Brazilian vibes to the sound like Bixiga 70 or Saravah Soul. Others still, put afrobeat into a clubbier context and mash afrobeat vocals to different rhythms as Afrodisiac Soundsystem does. However it's made, afrobeat has a flavor very relevant anf global in its influence and scope. If you missed any of the past couple of days on Sound Travels, this is what I played. 

Antibalas "World War IV"

Afrodisiac Soundsystem "Bull Sander"

Afrodisiac Soundsystem "C To The King"

The Daktaris "Musicawi Silt"

The Daktaris "Eltsuhg Ibal Lasiti"

Saravah Soul "Arroz Com Feijao"

Bixiga 70 "Luz Vermelha"

Production Manager | Radio Milwaukee