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SHARE Mobile Markets/Community Stories Summer 2012

I recently went to the Riverview Terrace on Milwaukee’s East Side to check out a SHARE Mobile Market. The mobile markets are designed to bring healthy, affordable food to Metro Milwaukee neighborhoods that are underserved by traditional grocery stores, also known as ‘food deserts’.

Everyone is welcome to shop at a Mobile Market food sale. There’s no income guidelines, membership fees or eligibility requirements. SHARE Mobile Markets accept cash, credit/debit and Quest cards. There’s no minimum purchase requirement either. The goal is to provide a wide selection of quality, healthy products and these products range from frozen meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, dried goods, plus much more. Families can actually save 30-50% on food compared to retail prices.

Another great part of the SHARE Mobile Market is that several volunteers dedicate their time to the SHARE mission. There are no volunteer requirements in order to purchase food, but SHARE volunteers are welcome to join in during the market sales. SHARE Mobile Market also partners up with local community organizations to provide these sales. Sales are typically held one per month at each location. Click here to find the next SHARE Mobile Market.

The Mobile Market has 25 community, municipal and academic partners who are all committed to improving access to healthy, affordable food in Milwaukee. Here are some highlights from 2009-2010:

The Mobile Market has served more than 6,000 Metro Milwaukeeans.

Mobile Market shoppers have accumulated over $25,000 in savings.

The Mobile Market has 15 locations within Milwaukee food deserts.

Just recently SHARE Wisconsin had to close its doors, and part of SHARE Wisconsin is the SHARE Mobile Market. If SHARE Mobile Market finds a sponsor for its program it will continue past June, however if they don’t find a sponsor, they will have to close the program.

While I was at Riverview Terrace, I talked to Community Liaison/ Community Specialist Alisha Balistreri (Klapps), Mobile Market Community Liaison Antonio Butts, and some fellow residents picking up groceries at the Mobile Market.

To hear the story, click the podcast below.