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Flavor Cycle | Community Stories Summer 2012

Peter D’Antoni runs two small businesses out of Milwaukee. He says it can be a lot of work - but this is a labor of love.

He runs an international cycling magazine called COG and his new business grew out of a story he was working on.

“We started the idea based off of a feature story we did in San Francisco with a group called TCB Courier. Three years later they’re the largest employer of cyclists in San Francisco. We saw this and was like hey, this could work in Milwaukee.”

The new business is called FLAVORCycle - it offers bicycle food delivery from local restaurants that wouldn’t normally have delivery available.

Peter and his crew can handle everything from a single sandwich to catering orders of up to 150 pounds.

Check out the links below for a full list of available restaurants and the FLAVORCycle homepage.


FLAVORCycle Homepage:

Wisconsin Bicycle Federation Story on FLAVORCycle

Map of our route: