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Bon Iver To Release iTunes Session Next Week, Session To Include A Cover of Bjork's "Who Is It"

It has been a big year for the kids from Eau Claire. Currently, Bon Iver is on the summer festival circuit.  However, next week Bon Iver will be releasing a 7-track iTunes Session on June 19.  The session will include mostly renditions of songs from their self-titled sophomore release.  The session will also include a little treat in form of a cover of Bjork's "Who Is It."  Bon Iver performed that cover on last year's tour, which included some impressive beatboxing.  Check out the performance below from Bon Iver's Riverside Theater show from last July. (via Prefix)

Here is the tracklisting for the iTunes Session:

Minnesota, WI
Hinnom, TX
Who Is It?

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