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Brazilian Psychedelic Classic... Tim Maia!


Sound Travels this week on an ever-changing flow of musical themes. Yesterday we had South African legend  Miriam Makeba and today we're just as singularly focused. Today, we heard some of the funkiest songs in the songbook of Brazilian funk pioneer/legend  Tim Maia.

Tim Maia, funk legend and what...? Yeah, I thought you might not, know that it is that he was a revelatory, game-changing musician who really helped push the door of opportunity all the way open for black music in Brazil. His history is insanely interesting and expertly conveyed by  Allen Thayer over at, I knew the story for the most part but am nonetheless impressed with the way he handles it.

Also, if you're looking to get some Tim Maia in your life, I strongly recommend the new comp the folks over at  Luaka Bop have just released after much money-wrangling with Maia's family,  World Psychedelic Classics 4: Nobody Can Live Forever. This well-curated comp has some of Maia's classic jams and some interesting b-sides and is a bet to be among my favorite re-issues of 2012. 

Oh yeah, I played music today too. Here is exactly what I had for y'all...

Tim Maia "Corone Antonio Bento"

Tim Maia "Reu Confesso"

Tim Maia "Que Beleza"

Tim Maia "Ela Partiu"

Tim Maia "Sossego"

Tim Maia "Do Leme Ao Pontal"

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