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Record Flu Season Hurting Blood Supply

Click to hear why the Blood Center of Wisconsin desperately needs your donation this winter.

January is Blood Donor Appreciation Month at the Blood Center of Wisconsin.  

But with the blood supply running critically low this winter, the center is thanking its donors and asking Milwaukee to step up to meet a critical need.

"This year we are having even more difficulties with our inventories and keeping them at a reasonable level because of the flu," said Andrea Siverling of the Blood Center of Wisconsin.  "Donors are just not feeling healthy and well."

With the flu rates breaking records, normal donors aren't able to make it to out blood drives.  And if you're sick, you can't donate.

That's why Siverling says its especially important for first timers to consider donating this January.  And if you're a little nervous, she says it all goes by quickly.

"The whole process takes less than an hour, and the actual act of giving takes less than 15 minutes.  At the end of the day, you're going to know you've made a difference," Siverling said.

If you'd like to learn more about giving the precious gift of blood, visit the Blood Center of Wisconsin's official website, or to locate the nearest mobile blood drive by your zip code, visit the MyBCW page.