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Ethiopiques vol. 28: Ali Mohammed Birra's Oromo Music

The latest installation of the near-legendary Ethio-groove series Ethiopiques has just dropped with no dip in quality or style. In the latest volume, number 28 to be precise, we get a nice compilation of under-represented music from Ethiopia's Oromo peoples. Rarely heard outside of Ethiopia, this group is large enough to make this feel glaring.

Ali Mohammed Birra "Awash"

Buda Musique, the French label responsible for the series, has continued shining their spotlight almost exclusively on Africa's oldest country and unearthed some more gems. This time it's the masterful work of Ali Mohammed Birra paying tribute to the man in whom Oromo music has irrepressibly affirmed itself since the 1960s. A very unusual groove, very different from oth Ethio-sounds like gouragué, amhara or tigrigna rhythms and releals a relentless quest for identity and, on top of that, a guitar style that would stand out anywhere. Dope!

Ali Mohammed Birra "Sa Jaalallee"

Production Manager | Radio Milwaukee